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Artificial Turf For Athletic Fields

Artificial turf for athletic fields is a natural grass-looking surface made of synthetic fibers, often used in sports arenas and athletic fields. It is made of nylon fibers attached to a polyethylene backing, a two-inch infill base of crumb rubber placed within the fibers, and a polyurethane pad placed under the porous backing for extra cushioning.

Known for its versatility and all-weather properties, artificial turf for athletic fields can endure heavy and multiple uses. One of the disadvantages of a natural grass field is the need for downtime, especially during the rainy season.

A natural grass field cannot maintain its lushness if frequently used every week. During the rainy season, natural grass fields will quickly turn to mud, even in light rain. If athletes use the grass field under the rain, grass replanting is almost guaranteed right after.

A natural grass athletic field converted to artificial turf will withstand the weather and the rain, allowing athletes to use it for practice or games, many times over. Installation of artificial turf for athletic fields includes drainage provisions, using an 8-1/2 inch sub-base of gravel and sand and sideline drains.

The artificial turf is ready for use right after installation, unlike natural turf, which has a longer preparation time and demands a lot of attention and care, significantly when seasons change. The artificial turf for athletic fields does not require pesticide and fertilizer treatment, mowing, grass trimming, and regular watering, which significantly reduces maintenance costs.

Artificial turf for athletic fields offers a safer playing field for athletes and players because the synthetic grass causes less friction to human skin, which means fewer cuts, friction burns, or other injuries that often result from playing on a natural grass field.

In addition to these benefits and advantages, the artificial turf for athletic fields can transform the athletic field into a lush scenery of beautiful and natural-looking green grass-like blades.

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