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5 Creative Fire Pit Ideas for Your Backyard in Arizona

The freezing Arizona winters call for hot chocolate, roasted marshmallows, and a cozy backyard fire pit to warm your hands. Nobody wants to spend their entire winters, tucked under blankets the whole day. Winters could be just as fun and memorable as any other season, especially when you can enjoy the outdoors. You need to call a professional paving company and get them to make you a beautiful fire pit in your backyard. We bring you five creative fire pit ideas for your backyards in Arizona.
We bring you five creative fire pit ideas for your backyards in Arizona.

1. Red Brick Fire Pits

Just take a moment to imagine the crackling sounds of fire as you sit with your friend on a comfy patio chair, smelling freshly roasted marshmallows. A red-bricked fire bit built in the center of your backyard would be ideal for making heartwarming winter memories you would keep going back to. The use of red brinks not only adds aesthetic value but also ensures you can use your fire pit for years to come.

2. Standing Fire Pit

A standing fire pit in the corner of your backyard is similar to a fireplace inside your home. One of the best things about these standing fire pits is that you can build them with red bricks or cover them with elegant tiles. Place a rug in front of the standing fire pit and under the stars with your loved ones. This fir pit would ensure that the harsh Arizona winters do not keep you from enjoying winter festivities in your backyard.

3. Multiple Fire Bowls

If you want to host a Christmas winter party that would become the talk of the town for years to come, then simple firepits won’t do. For this, you need to take your creativity up a notch. Get multiple small fire pits or fire bowls made and place them around your backyard. You can place some in the center, some in the corner, and even hang some from metal stands. These will act as heaters, keeping you and your guests warm.

4. Fire Pit with Grill

Winters cannot be complete without spending a few nights barbecuing with your family. You do not have to worry about your small living space getting too crowded. Just take the party to your open backyard. Get a fire pit with a grill on top, and gather around it to cook and stay warm. Pass around skewed pieces of marinated meat and sausages, and enjoy the mouth-watering aroma of fresh barbecue and your family’s company.

5. Fire Table

A relatively new style of the fire pit, fire tables will allow you to sit and eat comfortably around the soothing warmth of the fire. This type of fire pit is installed or built inside the center of a table. Just draw your chairs around the table as you enjoy a memorable outdoor winter feast with the fire keeping you warm in chilly Arizona winters.

Final Thoughts

Winters in Arizona can be just as festive and memorable as any other season. All you need to do is get in touch with professional backyard pavers that would help you build a backyard fire pit that will allow you to make the most of winter nights.