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5 Things You Should Know Before Hiring the Right Paving Company

Would you draw a good impression if you visit someone whose driveway is poorly maintained, bumpy, or uneven? A well-maintained pavement is very important for a good first impression. It makes your property look more appealing right from the point someone sets foot on it.

Hiring the right paving contractor is the key to the perfect pavement. To save yourself from any embarrassment, you should always consider hiring a paving company that has employees that are great at their job. If you are getting pavement installed for the first time, you might struggle with finding the right paving company. Read the blog post ahead for everything you should know before hiring a paving company to get the job done.  

1. Insurance Coverage

Checking if the paving company you’re hiring has adequate insurance to cover full liability is the first and foremost thing you should know. You need to be sure that if any uncalled-for circumstances occur, the paving company will cover all the expenses that come with it. If the paving company does not have the insurance, you will have to bear all the consequential expenses. The right paving company will have the necessary insurance cover. Your task is to ask them beforehand whether they can provide you with proof of their insurance.  

2. Materials Used

Before you hire a paving company, ask them about the materials that they will use for the project. There are several quality grades for every material, and you should ensure that you are getting the right quality materials for the money you are paying. Less reputable paving companies use recycled materials that are of low quality. As a result of this, the pavement settles or cracks sooner than later, calling for a pavement repair.

3. Equipment

Paving is a specialized job that requires special equipment. Some companies do the job by hand, but the appearance of the final pavement isn’t as appealing as it should be. It is important to ask the paving company about the equipment they will use. This will give you an idea of what to expect when the project is complete. The right paving company will share the details with you and will ensure that the information satisfies its customers.

4. Crew

Before you hire a paving company, don’t forget to ask how big their crew is. Different types of paving jobs require different crew sizes. For example, an asphalt paving job usually requires 5-8 individuals to complete the job. If the crew is too small, the job can take longer than it should. A smaller crew may also compromise on the quality of the service in the desperation to get the job done in the committed period.

5. Down Payment

The right paving company will not demand a huge down payment before starting the job. They usually have a network with the material suppliers and don’t need to make payments in advance. If a paving company asks for a huge amount as an advance payment or down payment, they are probably not the right company to opt for.


You should know whether the paving company has insurance coverage, uses the right materials and equipment, has sufficient crew members, and is reliable enough before you hire them for your paving project.